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 {{:​public:​certificate_g.jpg?​400|}} {{:​public:​certificate_g.jpg?​400|}}
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
 +<WRAP center round tip 60%>
 +The Ellesmere Echo
 +Circulation:​ 3,000 –This covers the area from Southbridge,​ Leeston, Doyleston and RD 13 together with rural delivery areas RD 2 & RD 3 in between. There are additional drop-off points in Rakaia, Lincoln, Springston and Rolleston.
 +Extra coverage is now included through the Selwyn App and on Facebook.
 +We, at the Echo try to be environmentally friendly with all our business decisions and wish to inform our readers that we
 +have chosen environmentally friendly inks and we print on recycled
 +paper. ​
 +We support local and our paper is printed locally by  Canterbury Print Service in Christchurch.
 {{ :​public:​heron.png?​200|}} {{ :​public:​heron.png?​200|}}